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Private Prescriptions

We are able to dispense private prescriptions written by a UK registered Doctor, Dentist or Veterinary Surgeon.

Our current pricing on a range of popular prescription medications is given below. These prices are kept up to date.

Please note: on a private prescription, you are paying the actual price of the medicine. This price is in no way related to the NHS prescription charge of £7.40, which is a flat rate government charge on each prescription item, unrelated to the drug cost.

If you cannot see the medicine you require and would like a quotation, please contact us.

Erectile Dysfunction
Medicine Strength Price per pack
[thumb_viag25.jpg] Viagra (Sildenafil) tablets 25mg £20.74 (4) / £41.48 (8)
[thumb_viagra50.jpg] Viagra (Sildenafil) tablets 50mg £26.59 (4) / £53.18 (8)
[thumb_viagra100.jpg] Viagra (Sildenafil) tablets 100mg £29.38 (4) / £58.76 (8)
[thumb_cialis10.jpg] Cialis (Tadalafil) tablets 10mg £33.74 (4)
[thumb_cialis20.jpg] Cialis (Tadalafil) tablets 20mg £33.74 (4) /£67.48 (8)
Malaria Propylaxis (Prevention)
Medicine Strength Price per pack
[thumb_product_malarone.jpg] Malarone (Atovaquone / Proguanil) tablets 250 /100mg £31.51 (12)
[thumb_malarone_paed.jpg] Malarone (Atovaquone / Proguanil) Paediatric tablets 62.5 / 25mg £7.83 (12)
[thumb_lariam.jpg] Lariam (Mefloquine) tablets 250mg £18.16 (8)
[thumb_doxy100.jpg] Doxycycline capsules 100mg £10.00 (50)

Prices are pro-rata per tablet/ capsule. Minimum private prescription charge is £4.00. All medicines shown are prescription only and require a valid medical prescription. Pack images for illustrative purposes only.